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Dr. Sam Hamam
Dr. Jared Lamb
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Comprehensive Dental Treatment in Clinton, MD

Our approach to dentistry is to offer our patients a balance of quality, value, personalized care and clinical excellence. Clinton Family Dental offers comfortable dental treatment, quality materials and easy to understand treatment options in a comfortable setting.
You will find the atmosphere of our office to be efficient and friendly. Our team is eager to share our extensive knowledge and experience with you.
Dr. Hamam, Dr. Lamb, and Dr. Turanchik appreciate your decision to entrust your dental care to us. You can be assured that you will receive the highest level of care.
At Clinton Family Dental, our team is always willing to discuss the benefits, disadvantages or risks of treatment. It is our collective goal to provide the best dental care for your long term dental health.
Checking Up Teeth - Dentistry in Clinton, MD

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